by Mother Of The Hydra

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Ricardo BC
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Ricardo BC One of my favourite BM albums! Absolutely brilliant vocals and overall mood. Favorite track: The One.
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Debut album originally released on a limited tape edition in 2011 and on CD through and in 2012.


released June 21, 2012



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Mother Of The Hydra Bavaria, Germany

Mother Of The Hydra is a black metal band born in 2006 by V-kaos in Sweden.

Mother Of The Hydra is just as much about the experimental ritualistic tracks as it is about the more traditional black metal tracks.

The lyrical concept and idea behind the band is the contradiction of us as mortal human beings of the flesh and immortal beings in spirit.
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Track Name: Introvert Ritual
"Introvert ritual"

Signs of inner stride
Minds of mental pride
Sulphurous we ride
Upon the obvious hide

Stretched out on a...
Carrying the foe
To his Auto de fé
Lustful torturous stride

Fleeting mongers of truth
Sickening thoughts of inner burden
(the) Rightful execution of me
In the fault that was my pride

Furious fire benign
Airy eyes in flight
Within my treacherous soul bide
Stormy winters out-ride

Seamless sorrows prevail
Grateful deaths and shameful living
Who are you to judge the dangers
When from yourself you hide?
Track Name: Silent Storm
"Silent storm"

With mental pestilence smothered
Subconscious warriors in dream-twisting pain
Infernal carriers, bringing their kindred spirits
Hither in vain

[Silent storm
Breathes you apart
Silent storm
Vibrating fear throughout your limbs
And sonic chart]

The serpent-headed me that was falling
Now stands up and roars from the deep
Flooding your barriers and ill-built fortifications
With voices hard and steep

A half-breed of superiority
A method to slay all your sheep
Soon fills the air with the sand-hidden vermin
And never I turn to sleep

[Silent storm....]
Track Name: The One
"The One"

Claim Your ownership by our emblems
Interpret us through Your false code

[(Because) You are The One who speaks no name,
but controlling all fears through spewing out their shame
Guarding our minds to tame all living,
and for all this giving us the blame ]

Lying, fiercely to bring us to our pain
Widely dilating the holes in our brain

Righteous keeper of all our sorrows,
that swallow Your dirty seed
Choking on the lumps we build in our vision -
still, You speak no names

By faces surrounded, blinded You stand
Mocking with a smile Your tormentors
Mirror-acting unsynchronized -
invoking their deterioration

[Because You are The One.... ]
Track Name: Search Your Roots For Silence
"Search your roots for silence"

Bearing the tool to create wounds, close to my body
Victim of my own eyes and troubled by your sight

Because you are the only thing with power over this field,
these vibrations

[Searching my roots for silence
But they just scream at my false face]

You bite your own creator with your eight mouths -
and spit out her blood as it burns your mind

Troubled by symbols weaving a choking web
Starving my mind to have nothing to grasp

Slay me in front of myself
Crush my roots to make silence

Your blood burns my mind and I feed this vibrational field
Track Name: Putrefaction Complete
"Putrefacion Complete"

Cold syringe war
Sequential pattern
The logic flow
Retaliated, lost
Revealed ignorant cost

One to lead away from the soulless
Beheaded by none
Creeping towards nothing

Mirroring emblems with a master-plan
Kill the weakling that tramples around
Forced down to bow
From the other side of invisible walls

Meticulously examined
Simplified structure to
Force-feed a style into being something else
Trivial sources of wrath
Rampant epidemic rage

To silence you (and)

Reach up to the level of Sanity
Where it all falls apart
Slow-motion riot in showdown
Putrefaction Complete
Track Name: Illusion Control part II - Transition
"Illusion Control part II - Transition"

[Control the illusion
Control is the illusion
The illusion is control]

Dreaded image of eternal rotation
Sacrifice all you built to find yourself
All you have in exchange for infinite emptiness
Fear of the inner Strength and of the Gold

In your eyes I see that you already left
On the lack of a place where time seized
Claiming it is peace

Nothing is only the First Step
Unproven dedication
What is channelled through the blood?
War without surface

Semigods on a level too low
Question them - question you
There is no choice
Find the method to say all

[Control the illusion
Control is the illusion
The illusion is control]
Track Name: Estuans Interius
Estuans interius
ira vehementi
in amaritudine
loquor meë menti:
factus de materia,
cinis elementi,
similis sum folio,
de quo ludunt venti.

Via lata gradior
more iuventutis,
implicor et vitiis
immemor virtutis,
voluptatis avidus
magis quam salutis,
mortuus in anima
curam gero cutis.